The neighborhood faces substantial challenges with its storm water and sewer system, which predates recent residential growth and climate change risks. In addition, much of the area’s street network and infrastructure was built many decades ago for different land uses and density.


Make water and sewer infrastructure improvements to strengthen
current service and enhance resiliency infrastructure


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Current Strategies

New Actions

Water & Sewer

  • The City has dedicated over $46M to improving LIC’s infrastructure, including water main replacement and reconstruction of deteriorated clay pipe sewers.


  • Over $23M to enhancing LIC’s resiliency infrastructure including green infrastructure to protect Newtown Creek, Vernon Boulevard bulkhead reconstruction at Newtown Creek, 44th Drive pier sewer outfall reconstruction. 

  •  DEP comprehensively studied the climate risk of all pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants and has begun implementing resiliency measures

  • Informed by sea level rise projections, Con Edison hardened the Vernon Transmission substation

  •  FDNY Engine Company 260 is receiving a solar and storage system to power critical loads

  • The City released version 2.0 of the Climate Resiliency Design Guidelines to ensure capital investments are designed to withstand climate change

  • The City upgraded building codes to account for vulnerabilities to extreme weather and climate change

  • DCP is currently working to update the flood resilience zoning rules

  • FEMA and the City are drafting more precise flood insurance rate maps and a map reflecting future conditions that account for sea level rise.

  • Small businesses in flood-prone areas can apply to SBS for BusinessPrep grants for disaster preparedness measures

  • Complete an amended drainage plan (ADP) for LIC to handle current and projected residential and business populations, and invest in area-wide sewer improvements, including interceptor and regulator replacements.

  • Invest $95M to implement Phase I of the completed ADP, delivering critical new combined sewers in LIC.

  • Increase outreach to businesses in
    LIC for BusinessPREP grants for emergency preparedness.