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LIC currently hosts over 6.6 million square feet of commercial space, with almost 5 million square feet poised for conversion to commercial, and 1.6 million square feet of new development in the pipeline. LIC is growing industrial jobs and developing its small businesses while also fostering jobs in new economies and making sure LIC residents are equipped to work in those new sectors.


Strengthen the area as a Central Business District by increasing space and support for current and future business; expanding access and worker training for good jobs in diverse fields; and increasing opportunities for small businesses


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Current Strategies

New Actions

  • Increase Workforce1 and SBS outreach and awareness to LIC residents and businesses, and better connect LIC residents to SBS workforce development resources.

  • Encourage private developers and new businesses in LIC to work with local community nonprofits and institutions like LaGuardia Community College, Aviation High School and local DOE schools, Fortune Society, Workforce1, and Jacob Riis Neighborhood Settlement to connect LIC residents to jobs and offer job training opportunities.

  • Explore relocation of City uses currently within LIC to create opportunities to house new commercial and industrial spaces.

  • Study creating new zoning tools to stimulate new commercial development rather than residential construction, particularly on key sites with good transportation access.

  • Engage in planning studies with Amtrak and MTA for opportunities to facilitate new development over and around existing railyard facilities that prioritize space for good jobs, as well as other uses.

Commercial & Industrial Development

  • The Gotham Center and The Jacx will create a total of 3.5M SF of commercial space and 4,000 jobs

  • The proposed LIC Innovation Center will create 2,500 jobs with commercial, industrial space, artist workspace, community facility space, retail, mixed-income housing and open space

  • The proposed Anable Basin project is projected to include 740,000 SF of commercial and light industrial space and a new waterfront esplanade

  • The Sunnyside Yard master planning process could unlock new commercial and industrial space

Job Creation

  • The City is working to create jobs in growing sectors through strategies in New York Works and support LIC’s growth as a central business district

  • The City’s Futureworks Shops initiative partnered with Pursuit (formerly Coalition for Queens) to hold a series of events dedicated to fostering the hardware entrepreneur community

  • The City is exploring opportunities for LIC in life sciences through LifeSciNYC

  • NYCIDA tax incentives for six commercial and industrial projects in LIC will help create over 3,800 jobs

Small Business Support

  • LIC entrepreneurs and business owners can access free services to help start, operate and grow their business at the Queens NYC Business Solutions Center in Jamaica.

  • SBS offers a variety of competitive grants to community development organizations; Long Island City Partnership was awarded a Neighborhood Challenge grant to develop a comprehensive signage and wayfinding system

Workforce Development

  • The Long Island City Industrial & Transportation Career Center connects jobseekers to employment and training opportunities and offers businesses cost-saving recruitment services.

  • The Queens Workforce1 teams collaborate to regularly engage with LIC residents and local partner organizations to raise awareness about services and to connect people to career, training, and development opportunities.

  • SBS’s Industry Partnerships Initiative works with LaGuardia Community College and Boyce Technologies to define employer needs, develop training and education models to meet these needs, and scale solutions.
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