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Long Island City is becoming well-known for its growing network of world-class waterfront parks. However, new parks and open spaces in the neighborhood are concentrated on the waterfront, with limited passive and active open spaces inland. As Long Island City’s population grows, existing parks have become more intensively used, and the need for more and different types of parks will continue with future development.



Improve and expand parks and open spaces both inland and on the waterfront to build a connected network,


promote equitable access to parks in easy walking distance for all residents, and encourage a diverse range of park programming for all generations.


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Current Strategies

New Actions

New City Parks

  •  Invested over $160M to build Hunter’s Point South’s 11-acre signature waterfront park and supporting infrastructure and roadways.

  • The Sunnyside master planning process has the potential to accommodate significant open space.


Existing Park Improvements

  • Upgrades to Queensbridge Houses playgrounds and play areas and Ravenwood Houses basketball court

  •  Improvements to John F Murray Playground and Noonan Playground

  • Reconstruction and renovations to Dutch Kills playground, Playground Thirty Five, Ravenswood Playground and Rainey Park

  •  New fieldhouse at Queensbridge Park

Private Investments in Open Space

  • The City is working with private developers to increase publicly accessible open space, like at the proposed LICIC and Anable Basin projects

  • Invest $11M in Queensbridge Baby
    Park, a linear park that would create an important link between the upland and the waterfront.

  • DPR and NYCHA will examine site
    boundaries near Queensbridge Baby Park to explore opportunities for enhanced public use.

  • Invest $4M for targeted improvements
    to Old Hickory Playground, Bridge &
    Tunnel Park, and Court Square Park

  • Commence a process to determine the
    future name for Bridge & Tunnel Park

  • Work with community partners to create
    a new under-the-ramps public space at
    Dutch Kills Street.

  • Plant new street trees throughout the neighborhood, prioritizing areas with a high heat vulnerability index.

  • Create new parks in the inland portions
    of LIC, through such strategies as encouraging private investment in the creation of new, publicly accessible open space and exploring the creation of new open space on existing public land.

1019_Icons Vignette 1-07.jpg

Work with community partners to create a new under-the-ramps public space at Dutch Kills Street.

Illustration is a conceptual design: full design plans to be developed in partnership with LIC community and approved by New York City Department of Transportation.

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